Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are very similar, and many clients choose to remodel both rooms at the same time since there is a lot of overlap in terms of labor required, and economies of scale can make it much more affordable to do multiple rooms simultaneously instead of as separate projects. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, costs can vary dramatically based on a two important factors:

Is the footprint changing?
Footprint refers to the existing layout of the room such as where the sink is located, where the shower is located, the walls, etc. Projects that replace the fixtures (such as cabinets, countertops and flooring) without changing the footprint require less work and therefore less cost. For projects that include moving walls, plumbing and electrical layouts this increases both the work required and can have a substantial increase in cost if a great deal of mechanical work is needed. These are all questions your designer will review with you during the Design Development process.

What type of fixtures are you selecting?
In remodeling, there is always the “good, better, best” concept when it comes to materials selections and that is definitely true for kitchen and bathroom projects. Depending on the size and layout of the space, clients may find that pre-constructed, standard size cabinets are a good fit and a more affordable option, while other clients decide to go with custom cabinetry for their remodel. As a rule of thumb, cabinets and countertops are the largest material expenses in a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

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