Attics & Lower Levels

When finishing existing space such as unused attic or basement areas, the biggest consideration is what you intend to use the space for going forward. For example, many clients choose to turn open basement space into a bedroom or extra living space, which requires adding egress windows per building code. Typically, adding open living space in an attic or lower level is less expensive than a room addition project.

One consideration in adding a bathroom either in an attic or basement, is the level of difficulty in running new mechanicals to the space. For example, when adding a bathroom in the basement it is important to check if the rough plumbing work has already been provided or if the concrete floor will need to be broken up to install new plumbing lines. Likewise, if adding living space and or a bathroom to a currently unused attic area, your local municipality issuing the permit is going to need to know if the existing floor trusses are sufficient to handle the increase weight of the new space. If not, the project may involved removing drywall from the ceiling in the space below to add additional structural support.

This is why it is very important to choose a design-build firm that can work through the entire process with you, creating a plan that works without any surprises once the work begins. The time to understand all of the costs involved with your project is before you’ve signed a remodeling contract, not once the project is begun and you have no functional kitchen space in your home while the contractor is giving you a very large change order that you feel you have to sign just to keep the project moving forward. With Dedicated Residential Construction, you will fully understand all your costs and the full scope of work prior to signing a construction agreement so there are no surprises once work begins.

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