Whether you are building out or building up, room additions are a great option to increase living space in your home to gain additional space for a growing family or to allow more room for entertaining guests. The biggest cost factor in a room addition is what type of space you want to add. For example, building a “box” to increase the size of a living room is going to be less expensive than a room addition project that includes a kitchen or bathroom, since those projects will typically involve substantial plumbing costs that a living room would not.

Further, if building out by bumping out a back or front wall homeowners will need to determine what type of foundation they want. Excavating a full basement is going to be more expensive up front than a simple crawl space, but may offer more value in the long-term if that basement space is converted to living space by including one or more egress windows.

Another factor to consider when completing a room addition project is how the new space will be incorporated into the existing design, and if pre-existing space will have to be remodeled as well to ensure a natural and seamless transition between old and new spaces. Of all home remodeling projects, room additions are the most complex and require an experienced, skilled design-build firm to walk you through the entire project from initial design, city approval processes, and the construction phase.

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